This Man A.D.D…

Samuel Migwi Kigumo, Migz, Otero, or as we fondly refered to each other… A.D.D! The genesis of that name is a story that can only be told by the other two ADDs Shiru and Wambo, and is one for another day.

This Man A.D.D! Somwhere here naskia kujificha…

I count myself lucky to have not only known A.D.D for over two decades, even luckier to call him a big brother. They say the best things come in small packages, Migwi embodied this saying to the letter.

He was a proper ball of energy, like an energizer bunny but on steroids (I can hear him laughing at this and saying, “ADD weh ni fala!” I know who uses the word fala anymore?)

He never knew how to do anything half heartedly, I guess that explains the kitambi, to accomodate his big heart! He laughed from deep down, danced like no one was watching (kama mzungu, yes but with a bit more rythmn) he was passionate and he loved, oh he loved deeply and truly!

A.D.D and I struck a special bond from the very get go, probably cause he was easier to look up to, you know height and all. Interesting part is that I came to know of his rugby prowess much later in life, probably in the 2010s, before that it was just stories, EPL, Changez v Patch banter and me keeping him, Kanyi, Wanyaga and crew young, with the latest songs, dance styles, technology, hehehe.

He was a big supporter of people’s dreams, no matter how small or big, if he could help out, he would be the first one to and he didn’t ask for permission to. When I started this website, I sent him a link, to share his thoughts…”Brilliant stuff,” he said, “How much for space, can I start advertising tomorrow?” I hadn’t even figured out how to or if I was to sell space, but that is how he became the first advertiser here.

He got me my first job and this was right after his wedding, as in si months after, he probably called akiwa honey moon!

“A.D.D!! Weh ni bro yetu msmall…siwezi kuwachilia, weh ni mtu yangu, una do nini sahii na life? Unafaa kua ukipanda!” That is how he started his statements when he wanted to either challenge me or tell one of those hard truths that you know but hide from.

I could go on and on, I still don’t belive that I am writting a tribute to this man, this still feels like a bad dream and I will wake up to him having replied to my last Whatsapp and Instagram messages…

On new year’s eve 2021, during the covid lockdown, I was seated alone in my ka cave, past curfew, counting down the hours, then my phone rings, it is ADD…”Weh A.D.D uko wapi?” To which I replied that I was at home, but in a bit more ‘colourful’ language…”Unakaa aje solo 31st wewe, nilikuambia utafute mtu, ona sasa…”

A few moments after the new year hit, my phone rings again, this time it is a WhatsApp video call, a group one at that, on the line is A.D.D, Kanyi and Wanyaga, the first two with their families, Wanyaga and myself, well hehehe…that is beside the point. We went on to talk about anything and everything, laughed loads for over an hour. It remains one of my best new years, just for that.

That was A.D.D, or rather a fraction of him…the stories of his big heart transcend far beyond his friends and family, from egg vendors in Nairobi west to H_art the band, bar tenders, the list goes on and on. That is who he was, Sam Migwi was great human being, larger than life!

Thank you A.D.D, thank you for everything, for the laughs, the dances, the stories, for the lessons, for the hard truths, for the support, for the love, for just being you…asante sana manze! I will miss you weh mzee…tuta onana baadaye!

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A rugby fan having fun!

One thought on “This Man A.D.D…”

  1. A great fellow with a big heart, always smiling and happy. My neighbor I will miss you brother, fly half matata

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